We Love Our Customers

At Lupita's Bakery, we don't let you leave without a smile on your face and delicious taste on your tongue. The joy of dessert brings people together, shapes our family gatherings and holidays, delights our senses and satisfies our souls. It is our belief that everyone should be able to enjoy the sweetest parts of life no matter their dietary needs or challenges.
Great little Mexican grocery story right off Buttermilk Pike! We used to have to drive out to Florence to buy our items, but now we have a shop much closer to home! They have a wide variety of items, including some produce.
When you walk in, you can immediately smell the fresh baked goods! It smells like heaven in there. I didn't try any this time, but I definitely will soon! There's a large selection, and they're all very large!
Taylor S., Oct 31 2017
Omg the bakery there is amazing. I could not believe the size of the things there, pictures do not do them justice. You will never see anything close to the size and look of these in the regular bakeries we have around NKY, and the prices cannot be beat.
Julie S., Sep 30 2017
Great shop. Clean store, friendly staff, fresh baked goods, what more could you ask for? Great assortment of spices and treats. Great prices. Come in and try their pastries, you won't be disappointed.
Andrea C., Feb 22 2017
Finally, I have found a hispanic store that provides products I need to cook with. Items hard to find with good quality. Store does need organization towards back end; looked as if recently opened but I do see high potential with in reach. For the most part it was clean and shelves were presentivly organized. They had fresh pan dulce I was amazed and pleased. I was greeted and welcomed I look forward to returning again; very good customer service. I think I have found my go to hispanic tiendita.
Eliza M., Aug 09 2016
Great tamales!!! I like the green ones the best(de elote) or uchepos come les llamas en Michoacán
Angelita F., Sep 23 2017
Just bought the most yummy homemade pastries, salsa, and this delicious corn in a cup with all of these toppings added to it and a bunch of other random goodness! I love this place! If you haven't checked it out, you need to! It's a cute little Mexican grocery store with the best stuff and really good prices! Everyone there was so sweet and helpful!
Elizabeth W., Aug 20 2016